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Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

A water jet cutter is an apparatus made in such a way that it can cut various materials using a jet of water at a high pressure. Some other instances, using water jet cutter into materials can be done by mixing abrasive substances with water. In this scenarios it can be termed as abrasive jet kind of technology. Water jet cutting is the preferred method for cutting into materials that are perceptive to high temperatures produced when other methods are used. As such, water jet cutting has been incorporated in various industries such as aerospace as well as mining.

Water jet cutting has been adopted in most industrial sectors due to the various advantages with which it is associated. One of these advantages is that a water jet cutter is able to cut through any material including stainless steel and titanium. In addition to that, water jet cutting does not alter materials that are cut. The reason why materials do not get deformed in water jet cutting is because it is a cold cutting method that does not involve the use of heat.

Water jet cutting is also highly efficient, which is another one of its advantages. It is efficient in that it facilitates a high quality cutting process, which eliminates the need for additional finishing processes. This ensures no extra processes is required when cutting meaning that time will be saved carrying out the entire process implying efficiency. Also, another benefit of water jet cutting is that it eliminates material wastage because minimal force on the sideways is required during the process.

The need for environmental protection has become necessary in all industrial processes, in a bid to ensure environmental sustainability. Water jet cutting unlike other technologies doesn’t result to generation of hazardous wastes that are harmful to the environment. This means that it is an environmentally friendly process, which discourages environmental degradation in the cutting process.

Another benefit of water jet cutting is the safety that is guaranteed in the entire process more so because it is a cold process. On the other hand, users are not required to be worried of safety or any danger to arise. Because it is a cold cutting process, water jet cutting has no heat affected zones. This is because water jet cutting is a cold cutting method. This increases the safety of the user who does not have to worry about heat injuries associated with other cutting technologies. These advantages are some of the reasons why water jet cutting is widely preferred to other cutting technologies in most industries.

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