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What Entails Herpes Cure Remedies

Herpes is the most common disease transmitted through intercourse. It generally affects the mouth part with the simplex virus type one while the genital region is affected by type two. Furthermore, the herpes infection can be ignited more by stress, fatigue and anxiety. With the help of modern scientific technology, there is hope that the progress towards herpes cure is not too far. With the natural treatment it can help control the symptoms of herpes until the real cure for herpes is found. Most people suffering from herpes are looking for the best alternative to physical therapy.

People are so different, and also they have had experiences differently, so everyone has to experiment the treatment in their way. There are several natural remedies that can help cure the disease, the first one is using silica gel which is the most popular natural remedies for herpes. The oil has to be applied at the affected area several times and it will thereafter dry out the sores and heal them hence preventing further outbreak if used early enough. You can as well dust the area with baby powder to help it dry out. Though the drying method won’t cure the outbreak, but the process of keeping the infected area dry promotes a shorter outbreak period.

Furthermore, there is the method of applying black tea bags such as the earl grey. This lemon balm possesses anti-viral properties to the infected area. After that, you will need to steep the solution for about twenty to thirty minutes after that you strain it. The tea does not only strengthen the immune system but also fight infection and enhance the reproductive system and even the adrenal glands.

From the stress levels reducing then herpes will be controlled. With the cream of the grass is applied three times a day the result is very excellent. Normally the aromatherapy method uses the essentials of oils of a given herb to heal the health problem. The oil is to be applied directly to the herpes lesions that is daily after showering. Furthermore what you eat may as well contribute to the reduction and prevention of herpes. The foods that are highly recommended are lots of fruits, seeds and vegetables.

Alongside that, one gram of citrus bioflavonoids is recommended to be taken once a day. Therefore if you suffer from herpes you have to increase the intake of lysine which plays a significant role in reducing the risk of the disease. Beta carotene alongside vitamin C can help to strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, one should try their best to avoid intercourse until wholly healed . It is also advisable that you don’t share your utilities that can spread the virus.

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