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The Good Health Benefits With Tantric Love Making

It is noticeable these days that the routine of sexual activity is no longer as intimate as it was practiced before.

Before, foreplay is given so much attention in any sexual intimacy, which most have not considered of importance today. However, this new norms in sexual intercourse or activity is not applicable to tantric love making because it applies all the pre needed act to achieve its goal. Not known to many this has already been an ancient Hindu practice where its goal is to increase energy in sexual activity instead of losing in the act, reversing the effect that benefits to total health,

With tantric sex, it is not the usual where orgasm and that the orgasm is not its main and optimal goal, but rather, the cultivation of the union of mind, body, emotion for both partners that requires patience and effort in giving more pleasure to the partner. Time and effort is a must in this kind of lovemaking, because both parties, especially the man, will have to the do much work in bringing in their sensuality and passion that will climax to a more satisfying orgasm. Both partners can create a romantic ideas to stimulate their senses that aids the goal of tantric love making like setting an area where both can radiate a relaxing and intimate aura leading to uplifting the mood to make out.

In tantric sex, the woman does not have to do much but the man has to make the most effort to achieve the entire goal of this ritual, as is supposed to be in the ancient times that the woman has to be pleasured with ultimate satisfaction for her to experience the extremity of her orgasm. It is in a way that the man will think of the woman as a goddess and makes all the necessary pleasurable acts to satisfy and allow the woman to feel sacred and adored and the man gets to practise his skills in bringing that to a success. The essence of making longer or prolonged act of intimacy increases positive sexual experience that, in turn, will release healthy hormones serotonin, HGH, DHEA, and Oxytocin that are beneficial to the sexual and overall health of a person.

There has been a great positive benefit that this sexual ritual has brought to couples, where their sexual intimacy and drive to sexual activities have dramatically increased and improved their relationship personally and sexually.

However, partners will make their sexual experience meaningful and always a fulfilling one, it always relies on their commitment towards each other that is important.

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